Private detective in the context of unfair competition in Nice, Cannes, Marseille and Aix en Provence

Our private detective agencies investigate unfair competition in Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Aix en Provence and surrounding areas. Whether it is a simple suspicion or facts that have been reported to you, we are here to help you investigate.


The investigation framework

Confidencia Investigations places all of its expertise and resources at your disposal to combat these damages suffered:

Parasitism (usurpation of notoriety)
Disparagement (discredit, damage to reputation)
Disorganization (poaching of key employees, misappropriation of files, data, know-how)
Confusion (counterfeiting)
Non-compliance with the non-competition clause
Illegal agreement (corruption, false call for tenders)


Knowledge intervention to assess the harm
Monitoring / Shadowing / Scenario
Infiltration into the principal’s business
Intervention of a bailiff and/or a labor inspector

The legal framework

Court of Appeal of Chambéry, May 20, 2008, RG n°07/02162

In an unfair competition dispute, investigations carried out by a private detective which only concern aspects of the professional life of the person being monitored are accepted in the name of proof of the violation of a non-competition clause.

Cass. Soc. December 6, 2007. No.: 06-43392

The judges decided that a bailiff's report initiated by the shadowing of a detective was lawful as a means of proof.

Criminal law

In the context of unfair competition which falls within the scope of criminal law, the shadowing of an employee as a method of proof is admissible. (Article L 121-7 does not apply)

All CONFIDENCIA INVESTIGATIONS reports are admissible in court

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