Search for missing person in Nice, Cannes, Marseille and Aix en Provence

Calling on a private detective to search for a missing person in Nice, Cannes, Marseille or Aix en Provence has several crucial advantages. Our private tracing agents offer specialized expertise and resources that can significantly increase the chances of locating the missing person. We are able to conduct in-depth investigations, using methods such as data mining, intelligence gathering from potential witnesses and covert surveillance.
In situations of unexplained disappearance, the detective can gather information on habits, contacts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance, thus providing valuable clues to direct the search. Additionally, our in-depth knowledge of the local terrain can be essential for effective research.
In cases where the disappearance is related to sensitive family matters, such as runaways or family disputes, the detective may act with discretion to maintain confidentiality and minimize tensions. Hiring a private detective therefore offers a professional, targeted and methodical approach to resolving often delicate and worrying situations involving the disappearance of people.
In the context of an inheritance, our private detectives can also intervene to find the heirs and beneficiaries and confirm the identity of the legitimate beneficiaries. For example, in an extended family where some heirs are difficult to locate, the detective can investigate to verify their existence and collect necessary evidence. This approach facilitates the equitable distribution of inherited property. Additionally, the detective can help locate important legal documents, thereby simplifying the inheritance process.

The investigation framework

Confidencia Investigations brings you its expertise in the context of:

Missing people
Biological parent
Heir and beneficiary


Surveillance / Shadowing
Hearing / Testimony
Address search

The legal framework


Respect for the privacy of the person sought is an essential element to take into consideration. The communication of the contact details of the person sought will be possible with their prior agreement. Otherwise, we can send him a letter in your name.

HEIR AND ASSIGNANT: Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation in its judgment of September 26, 2006:

“Any company carrying out genealogical research activities, (…) involving private research (..) must obtain administrative authorization from the Ministry of the Interior, regardless of the professional name chosen”.

HEIR AND BENEFICIARY: Article 36 of Law 2006-728 of June 23, 2006

“The mandate may be given by any person who has a direct and legitimate interest in the identification of heirs or the settlement of the succession.”

All CONFIDENCIA INVESTIGATIONS reports are admissible in court

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