Economic intelligence survey in Nice, Cannes, Marseille and Aix en Provence

Do you want to carry out a business intelligence survey in Nice, Cannes, Marseille or Aix en Provence? Contact our private investigators. In the context of business intelligence, our private detectives play an essential role by carrying out specialized actions aimed at collecting strategic information for companies. We use our investigative skills to discreetly monitor competitor activities, analyze market trends, and gather sensitive intelligence. Our expertise in collecting and analyzing confidential information helps strengthen your company’s competitive position, prevent potential risks, and inform strategic decision-making. By acting legally, our private investigators provide you with valuable data allowing you to thrive in a competitive and ever-changing business environment.

The investigation framework

Confidencia investigations, through economic intelligence, will help you make strategic decisions allowing:

To anticipate a competitor’s strategy
To look for innovations
To obtain information on future partners, shareholders, associates, employees, suppliers or customers
Protect your sensitive data
Improve competitiveness in your sector
To acquire relevant strategic information
To implement a coherent strategy with a view to growth in your field of activity or another field


Collection of open information in:
databanks, media, scientific and economic data and official bulletin
Analysis of relevant information
Production of strategic information

The legal framework

Business intelligence is distinguished from espionage because it develops openly and uses only open sources and legal means.

All CONFIDENCIA INVESTIGATIONS reports are admissible in court

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