Hire a mystery shopper in Nice, Cannes or Marseille for your restaurant or store

Hiring a mystery shopper for your establishment located in Nice, Cannes, Marseille or Aix en Provence can be a valuable strategy for evaluating and improving the customer experience. Our mystery shoppers, operating discreetly, carry out incognito visits to evaluate different aspects such as service, cleanliness, product quality and staff professionalism. This approach provides an objective and authentic perspective on how your business is perceived by customers. Detailed feedback from our mystery shoppers can help identify strengths and areas for improvement, helping to optimize operational efficiencies and ensure an exceptional customer experience. Engaging a mystery shopper provides a strategic opportunity to maintain high standards of customer service and satisfaction.

The investigation framework

The mystery shopper technique allows:

To control your employees
To check compliance with the pricing policy
Evaluate the benefits of training
To enforce standards of quality, services, merchandising, etc.


Brief on the objective of this mystery visit with the company
Writing specifications and questionnaire
Written and detailed report of the mystery visit

The legal framework

Court of Cassation, commercial, financial and economic chamber, of December 6, 2016:

The private detective is the only professional authorized to act “without stating his capacity or revealing the purpose of his mission”.

Article L 121-7 of the Labor Code

It now becomes essential to include in the internal regulations of companies as well as in employment contracts, a sufficiently general clause to encompass, in general, all means of control, while maintaining relative discretion on the exact details. methods put in place, while being sufficiently precise to include surveillance and shadowing.

All CONFIDENCIA INVESTIGATIONS reports are admissible in court

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