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Private detective in Nice, Confidencia Investigations welcomes you in the heart of Nice, at 3 place Masséna.

Investigations, shadowing and investigations are the heart of our detective profession. The private detective profession is the only one authorized to investigate without having to reveal its identity or the purpose of its mission. (According to article L621-1 of the internal security code). This permission allows us to intervene in many situations where the collection of evidence is necessary. And this, for individuals or professionals.

Our area of ​​intervention

From our Nice office, we travel easily around Nice and to towns in the Alpes-Maritimes such as La Gaude, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Villeneuve-Loubet, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Cap -d'Ail, Carros, La Colle-sur-Loup, Menton, Vence and Monaco.

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Private detective in Nice to solve a private matter

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During divorce proceedings based on fault, to prove the infidelity of one's partner or to establish alimony, Confidencia Investigations intervenes in search of probative elements. Different means are used to establish the fault: shadowing, investigation of relatives, verification of financial information, etc.

People search

The first hours are often decisive in the event of a disappearance. As a private detective, we explore all avenues to maximize the chances of finding the missing person. In conjunction with notaries, we are also able to intervene in the context of an inheritance, in the search for an heir or a beneficiary.

We can be reached 7 days a week on our line:

The reports provided by Confidencia Investigations are admissible in court, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information on our prices or our services.

Business manager, you can call on a private detective in Nice

Few professionals know it, but using a private detective is possible on many levels to preserve the health of your business.

In the collective imagination, the private detective is the one who carries out surveillance to prove infidelity. This is indeed part of the activity of a private investigator. However, due to his position and the regulations of his profession, he is required to intervene in numerous areas with the aim of providing evidence admissible in court.

Abusive sick leave

When there is strong suspicion that an employee is on abusive and unjustified sick leave, it may be considered to call on a private detective. The evidence collected by the research agent may be used during a dismissal procedure, for example. Our written reports are admissible in court.

Unfair competition

Identity theft, poaching of employees, illegal agreements, corruption... In these situations, a private investigator can shed light on maneuvers going against your company with the aim of seeking compensation for harm or damages.

Insurance fraud

If there is any doubt about a statement made by an insured, a private investigator may be commissioned. The work will consist of investigating the neighborhood and the protagonists, organizing a bailiff's report with the aim of verifying the veracity of a declaration made to the insurer. We take action in the event of fictitious claims, false declaration of accident or theft, health insurance or welfare fraud.

Corporate theft

Often committed by employees or with their complicity, theft of company property (goods, stocks, data, cash values, etc.) is recurrent. In order to stop the machine and catch the usurpers in the act, our private agents can intervene.

Approved by the National Council for Private Security Activities

The holder of this card is a Private Research Agent (Private Detective) approved by the CNAPS (Ministry of the Interior): "Liberal profession which consists, for a person, of collecting, even without stating its quality or revealing the object of its mission, information or information intended for third parties, with a view to defending their interests.

Art. L621-1 of the Internal Security Code Book VI Title II and subject to the Code of Ethics Decree No. 2012-870 – July 10, 2012.

Our director has a law degree, as do all of the agency's employees.

In accordance with current legislation, we have approvals issued by the Ministry of the Interior (CNAPS).

SIRET : 753 071 109 00056
Code Naf : 8030Z
N° TVA : FR16753071109

Conduct of an investigation

Telephone appointment during which we listen to your needs and verify the legitimacy, legality and morality of the request.
Proposal of strategies to be implemented. The proposed actions will be adapted to the nature of the investigation and at a cost measured against the set objective.
Agreement and signature of a mandate contract defining the purpose of the mission and our area of ​​intervention.
Investigation phase carried out in the field or through administrative actions.
Drafting of a precise, detailed and detailed report for each of our missions, admissible before the courts according to article 1353 of the Civil Code.
Submission of the summary report. We keep the photos and/or videos available to the courts.
We strongly recommend that you choose a private detective close to the location of the investigation. In fact, this will reduce your costs, while giving you the benefit of a perfect knowledge of the city of Nice and its surroundings. In addition, he can easily activate his local network to quickly move your business forward, whether private or professional.
A reliable way to select a serious private detective in Nice is to consult the reviews left by clients on Google or on social networks. Collecting reviews is quite difficult in the profession because many customers wish to remain anonymous, the reviews that you will be able to view are therefore proof that the person who submitted them is sincere. Finally, we especially invite you to contact 2 or 3 agencies near Nice directly to benefit from a free and confidential consultation before making your choice.
The profession of private detective has evolved significantly in recent years. It is now necessary to obtain a private detective CQP to practice or a private research agent title. These diplomas are accessible after the validation of a BAC+2 in law.
In Nice as elsewhere, the price of a private detective depends on a certain number of parameters depending on the investigation requested. The price will be different if it is an administrative investigation or a field investigation with shadowing. In addition, some investigations are faster than others, and several investigators are sometimes required on the same case. Depending on these criteria, the price will therefore be different. For a personalized and detailed study, contact us, our quote requests are free.
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