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Private detective in Aix en Provence

Private detective in Aix en Provence, Confidencia Investigations investigates private or professional matters.

Do you have a doubt that you want to rule out? Whether it concerns a member of your entourage or even an employee, our detective firm in Aix en Provence investigates. We work for both individuals and professionals. And we are partners of legal professionals such as lawyers, notaries or bailiffs by whom we are commissioned.

Our area of ​​intervention

Our private detective agency is located in the heart of Aix en Provence, 150 rue Georges Pompidou.

From this establishment, we travel throughout the Pays Aixois. For example in Éguilles, Arles, Gardanne, Vitrolles, Berre-l'Étang, Bouc-Bel-Air, Cabriès, Eyguières, Fuveau, La Fare-les-Oliviers, Lambesc, Lançon Provence, Meyreuil, Miramas, Pélissanne, Rognac, Rousset , Saint-Chamas, Salon-de-Provence, Trets, Velaux, Venelles, Ventabren

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Private detective in Aix en Provence for private matters

Here are some of our missions

Child custody detective

During a divorce or separation, child custody is always a delicate subject. Whether the parent intervenes for the well-being of their child or, on the contrary, uses it as a means of pressure. Do you suspect that your child is being looked after by a third party who is incapable of looking after him? Do you think there is physical or emotional abuse? Does your child tell you something that puts you in doubt about your ex-partner's alcoholism or drug use? Confidencia Investigations, private detective in child care in Aix en Provence, investigates to assert your rights.

Detective for adultery

Whether you are married, in a civil partnership or living in a common-law relationship, you can call on a private detective if you suspect adultery, deception or a double life. Shadowing, neighborhood surveys, taking photos from public spaces... are some of the means that a private detective can implement. The evidence collected is admissible in court. You can therefore use them in the event of separation, or to claim alimony.

Contact us via our contact form or directly by phone

Many other missions are the responsibility of the private detective in business law and private law. Do not hesitate, we are available and at your service. In addition our quotes are free, confidential and without obligation.

Professionals also contact us for

Control their employees

Whether to resolve a doubt or to consider parting ways with an employee, our investigation firm in Aix en Provence can provide you with evidence. Checking an employee's schedule, checking diplomas or professional experience on a CV are tasks that we carry out frequently. Discretion and respect for the rules are essential elements to carry out these matters successfully.


Counterfeiting exists in production, when a product is deliberately copied identically to a registered trademark. But it is also rife in the provision of services, and in the absence of tangible material evidence, it is then necessary to investigate more precisely. This is the case, among other things, of damage to customers, the brand or the quality of the company's product. Are your customers being approached by one of your competitors who is diverting your customers by damaging your business? Don't stand by and do nothing. These practices are a real harm that must be stopped as quickly as possible. We investigate for you and provide you with a detailed report which you can then send to your lawyer.

Approved by the National Council for Private Security Activities

The holder of this card is a Private Research Agent (Private Detective) approved by the CNAPS (Ministry of the Interior): "Liberal profession which consists, for a person, of collecting, even without stating its quality or revealing the object of its mission, information or information intended for third parties, with a view to defending their interests.

Art. L621-1 of the Internal Security Code Book VI Title II and subject to the Code of Ethics Decree No. 2012-870 – July 10, 2012.

Our director has a law degree, as do all of the agency's employees.

In accordance with current legislation, we have approvals issued by the Ministry of the Interior (CNAPS).

SIRET : 753 071 109 00080
Code Naf : 8030Z
N° TVA : FR16753071109

Conduct of an investigation

Telephone appointment during which we listen to your needs and verify the legitimacy, legality and morality of the request.
Proposal of strategies to be implemented. The proposed actions will be adapted to the nature of the investigation and at a cost measured against the set objective. Icône de validation par la communauté
Agreement and signature of a mandate contract defining the purpose of the mission and our area of ​​intervention.
Investigation phase carried out in the field or through administrative actions.
Drafting of a precise, detailed and detailed report for each of our missions, admissible before the courts according to article 1353 of the Civil Code.
Submission of the summary report. We keep the photos and/or videos available to the courts.
Who better than a professional who knows the field perfectly to intervene quickly on your case? With Confidencia Investigations, benefit from a detective who knows Aix en Provence and its surroundings perfectly.
Requesting a serious detective is essential for the success of your investigation. Our firm has existed since 2017 and has all the authorizations to investigate. An initial consultation is offered to you to judge the quality of our services.
To become a private detective in Aix en Provence, you must obtain a private detective CQP (Professional Qualification Certificate) or a certified private research agent title, equivalent to a BAC+2
The price of a private detective depends on different parameters: type of investigation, location of intervention, number of investigators, equipment used, etc. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.
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